Thursday Throwback 012816

== 2013 ==
Moderate Baking Success In which I get a sourdough starter going and get my bread on. YUM.

== 2004 ==
New Feature: Wednesday Walk through the Blogosphere I’m actually going to restart this tradition. There’s a lot of stuff I read throughout the week, I’ll share it with y’all <3

I’m a Happy Girl because I started working toward going back to school

snOMG 2016

Work was called off Friday. I spent it doing laundry and general chores.

Friday night as I locked up the house, I kept hearing a motor roaring up and down the street and grabbed my phone, prepared to take a picture of the Nice Big Plow truck.

It was one of my neighbors. On a 4-wheeler.

Towing. a. sledder.



Saturday started off bright and early, but petered out as I went from MOTIVATED TO DO ALL THE LAUNDRY to “wait. *Y’all* need to put some of this stuff away, I’m NOT folding it ALL.” So of course there are random laundry baskets full of clean laundry strewn about the house. I also asked the Hive Mind how cruel it would be to order pizza.


(I didn’t. An hour after I ordered would’ve been after dawrk.You can see in that picture that there’s been no plowing…it’s slick out there.)

Putting a hard drive in my laptop so I could actually USE it again might have also contributed EVERSO slightly to the inability to get my ass off the sofa. Just a tetch.

Sunday. Oh Sunday, see how you do me? Awake at 445 am, unable to go back to sleep even WITH Candy Crush Jelly, Soda, and Saga. Dishes done, laundry in progress, and I’m VERY sure there’s no school tomorrow.

No motivation. None. Facebook, Netflix, texting. Browse pinterest for cooking ideas….I KNOW! I’LL CHANGE THE WATER FILTER IN THE FRIDGE!!!!

You know where this is going, right?

Empty and remove the top shelf (because having something accessible is just not FEASIBLE y’all). Unscrew the….wait. This does NOT look like the replacement filter I bought. And the old filter is disgusting and NOT going back in there because EEW.


Back to the sofa, this time to order more filters and put it on auto.

Here’s to The Thaw!

Throwback Thursday (the rebootening)

So there’s a lot of stuff lurking back there in the archives. I’ve decided to take the word “throwback” literally – I’m going to throw back every single post on [that date] every Thursday. Maybe with commentary. Okay, probably with commentary. No year? no post on [that date].

2004 I went to the dentist and ended up with a surprise extraction.

2005 Mom jacked her shoulder but I was clearly not feeling very verbose.

2008 – just a (now dead) link to a cake. A Discworld cake. (No, I didn’t make it. I recognized my limitations and stepped away from Teh Craycray).

2009 – general update – update to the update: This was written before I bought the truck. I’m still (always) on the prowl for new reading material. Napping is no longer something I actively seek; it happens when it happens. And I still sleep on only one side of the bed. Also, the piano is gone. And? I admit I *might* have maturity issues.

2010 – The chef wore no pants and I decried resolutions.

Waving g’bye to 2015

Let’s briefly summarize all the things I didn’t write about after July, mkaaaaaay?

I was all set to brag that it was the first year I’ve ever NOT had to take a title loan out on a vehicle (which is true) but then I remembered that I ended the year with a significantly greater credit card balance than I’d ever had. So YAY no title loans, BOODAMMIT greater consumer debt in general. The good news is I know what need to fix what got me there in the first place.

My dating life hasn’t exactly kicked into “high” gear, but it’s active enough to keep me happy.

Redorkerating the house has absolutely not happened.

All the laptops in the house suffered critical hard-drive failure within weeks of each other. One was expected (motherboard was defective; I’m shocked and amazed that the machine made it as long as it did), the other was a complete surprise. We’re accessing the internet using the Ubuntu “live preview” until I have the $$$$ to replace the machines. UNSURPRISINGLY, I am going back to desktop world, with a server setup to back up all our Stuff(tm).

The truck suffered two critical mechanical failures. One of the rear tires decided it was ready to try something new, and broke free of the bonds that limited it to just rotating. It bounced across two lanes of traffic before coming to rest against a tree in the woods. Not quite two weeks after that, the starter failed. Repairing the truck (and getting a rental during the repair) was still less expensive than a new vehicle. Still…as much as I hate the idea of taking on a payment (and as hard as I’m pushing against it), I’ll probably end up with a different vehicle before the year is out.

(Obvs, this failure was why we didn’t have money for new computers.)

I bought a Fitbit. When I took the Desk Job(tm), I also added 20 lbs just from [not walking the store for X hours/day]. The company was holding a fitness challenge, I decided to go for it. THEN I found out that there was a social networking aspect and that some of the women in my online social network ALSO have fitbits. And MyFitnessPal. Unfortunately, I tend to subvert the competitive aspect that’s there. I tend to move around a certain amount during the day. I have heated, valid internal Arguments against moving more than that.

Heh. When I sat down to write, I had no idea twenty BILLYUN words were going to come pouring out. I’ll say this:

I’m looking forward to 2016!

How [not] to install a ceiling fan

Go to your Big Box Hardware store and wander around the ceiling fan displays. Make a mental note that there are different sizes of fans available and research is needed to determine if size matters.


Walk away. Go find the air filters that are ACTUALLY ON THE SHOPPING LIST.


Go back to the Big Box Hardware store and make a beeline for the ceiling fan displays. How long has it been? Any idea? Is the ceiling fan on the shopping list? Did you research what size fan you need in that room? What about installing the thing – did you research that OR talk to the electrician about installing it WHILE HE’S THERE NEXT WEEK?

No? GREAT! Now is a FANTASTIC TIME to buy it.

Text your friends, ask them “chrome / white / wood” without explanation. Chuckle when someone asks why and which adult store you’re at. Blow through that remaining one bar of battery on your phone trying to see what size fan you need for the room. Guess at the room dimensions.

Pick up the fan that seems to be the most popular according to inventory on the shelf. It’s going home with you, in white. Take it up front and pay for it. Then take it home and…

Put the box in the floor of the living room, inconveniently on the sofa.

Leave it there. It will mock you for at least a month from that position…

To Be Continued