Why oh why did I choose the name Dottiness? you ask

I wanted to name this blog Tink’s Insanity, Sanitarium, or some other name indicating my usual state of mind, but it seems that *everyone* is insane or belongs in a crazy house. I went to Hyperdictionary and looked up sanitorium, but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I looked up insanity, and lo and behold! in the list of related terms (thesaurus) was dottiness.

I had an aunt named Dottie (she passed away a few years ago) and out of all the aunts on that side of the family, she was my favorite. So I click on it
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Don’t Shake the Tree – Epilogue

Between the birth of my first and the birth of my last child lie 10 years. Obviously some details have been left out – but the basic story is there. Yes, their stories are prejudiced against their fathers somewhat…but this is not their blog and it’s not about them. It’s about me and things as I see them.

I realize that there are some issues regarding fathers that I need to work out.
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Don’t Shake the Tree part 3

The story of my third child and second son:

On the vacation (mentioned in the previous post) I hooked up with a man that I had been talking to online. I was planning on moving to the state we were vacationing in, and he gave us the tour of his city. We did the whole she-bang…looked at houses big enough for both of our families, I looked in the classifieds for work there. Our daughters were close in age and became instant friends. One night as we were cuddling, I asked him if he wanted more kids, and if he wanted a boy or girl. He said he wasn’t ready for kids right now. I repeated – “boy or girl” and he said he wanted a boy. Eventually. But not right now.
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Don’t Shake the Tree part II

The story of my 2nd child and first son.

His father and I met on the afore-mentioned MUD, and were members of the same “family”. We talked a good bit, and he challenged me with: “Here’s the link to my local newspaper. Apply for one and only one job. If you get it, you were meant to move. I’ve talked to my friend, and you can stay with us for 2 weeks while you find an apartment and get settled in.”
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The Story Thus far:

Our heroine has finally bitten the bullet and agreed to publish a blog in order to help sort through the many muddled thoughts in her head. At the tender age of 33, and as a single mother of 3, she is about to embark on the journey we hope will all rescue her from the doldrums of depression. Why? Well, something from a favorite TV show keeps running on an endless loop in her head – “The power of 3 will set us free”.