Revenge of the sixth?

The grand plan was to make a post titled “MAYDAY” on the first. Then it became a plan to make a “May the Fourth” joke. But NOW you have this.

So. Howyabeen? How’s your Mom ‘n them?

I was really hoping to have fun things to tell you about, but we haven’t really been anywhere or done anything worth the story. 

Example: I got a wild hair and drove to Georgia to meet one of the women I’ve been friends with online FOREVER. The boys took the trip down reasonably well…but then didn’t want to stay. I didn’t have it in me to argue to sleep over (knowing that I wouldn’t sleep well in a hotel anyway) (and also that a certain insomniac teen would try to wake me at 1am with “can we JUST GO HOOOOOOME”) so 

we drove six hours down, hung out for a bit, then turned around and came back. I *did* promise Joe that we’d go back to visit the Atlanta Aquarium though, just gotta save the $$$ for that.


We need a different dinner table. 

We need a different dinner table and to knock out the wall between the dining room and the kitchen.

We need a different dinner table, to knock out the wall between the dining room and the kitchen, and to scrape of that stupid blanketyblank popcorn ceiling.

And replace the cooktop. I’m actually tempted to leave the wall oven in but demolish the cabinet where the cooktop is and replace it with a stove/microwave/AIO unit.
And that’s kinda all the news that’s fit to print rightthisverysecond. I’m having a hard time balancing the boys’ requests to not have their pictures taken/posted online, the fact that it takes a whole lotta prodding to get them out to START with, plus my own (not entirely unreasonable) paranoia about letting people know where we are and how long we’ll be gone.

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