it doesn’t feel like THIRTEEN years

But my “years ago today” plugin tells me it really has been.

If you’re still reading, thank you so very much. We’ve been through some crazy stuff together. Also thanks to the above-mentioned plugin, I now know what a pain in the ass vague blogging is. I read some of these older entries and I wonder what in the world I was talking about..

The Story Thus Far

Our heroine has finally bitten the bullet and agreed to publish a blog in order to help sort through the many muddled thoughts in her head. At the tender age of 33, and as a single mother of 3, she is about to embark on the journey we hope will all rescue her from the doldrums of depression. Why? Well, something from a favorite TV show keeps running on an endless loop in her head – “The power of 3 will set us free”.

*It wasn’t depression as much as it was PPD, and pulling myself out of it was a genuine bitch. (Yes, I needed medication. I was too paranoid to find a doctor, much less admit that I had bigger problems than I could fix.)

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