I’ve just spent the better part of 2 months flipping between my tablet and my phone for internet use.

(Why? Turns out laptop screens aren’t immune to frustrationnnnnnTEENPUNCH)

I have a bluetooth keyboard with three channels, so technically I *could* connect to one more device, but I’m over it. The Internet is just not ready for full-time [NOTcomputer] use.

My bank has a full site, mobile site, and an app. The app is relatively intuitive and easy to use…. BUT it has the same issue the mobile site has. I actually vastly prefer using the mobile site, it’s easier for me to focus on the actual banking without worrying about SQUIRREL!.

So what’s the big issue? I’m signed up for “e-bill” through my bank’s website. On the full site, the dollar amount prepopulates for me. It doesn’t do that on the mobile site or the app.

And those are some of the *smaller* bitches I have about The Mobile Web. Some of the sites I want to visit (Lane Bryant!!!!) do not automagically redirect you to their mobile site, or display all the products in a category. Facebook displays different things on the tablet and the phone even if I’ve got one next to the other, open at the same time. Not *horribly* different, but enough that I have serious FOMT (fear of missing THINGS).

Moving on (before I completely lose what’s left of my cool) – tonight I’m putting a hard drive in the Dell Mini10 Netbook. 

(replacing the hard drive is less expensive than a whole new computer). 

Hopefully it will be “enough”.
PS – #sorrynotsorry about all the parentheses.

PSS – really sorry about the disjointedness. Can’t make the entry screen take up the full page in the app.

PSSS – previous entry is dated Aug 24. That’s obviously not the date the damage happened. I’ve just had ENOUGH. 

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