So the throwback idea wasn’t so hot

Or not as originally conceived, anyway. I had planned to use the Throwback posts to call attention to older writings and maybe give me an opportunity to fill in details that I was too paranoid/depressed/mental to include. Or maybe to actually springboard from that idea to write.

Problem 1 – I bogged myself down in rules, only allowing myself to springboard off posts that were published “on that date”.

Problem 2 – I hit a depressed day or two here and there, which snowballed. Not the actual depression part, but the catching up.

The catching up is a genuine bitch.

Problem 3 – semantics. The plugin I found doesn’t actually generate a post from the data retrieved. It does send an email, but I still have to read the post, try and figure out WTF I was talking about if it’s obscured enough, etc.

All of which is a pain in the ass when you add in the junk from Problems #1 and #2.

And when the bonus insanities of day-to-day life are added in?

All this to say:

I’m workin’ onnit.

I’m sorry.

Please don’t worry, and/or drop an email if you DO get worried.

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