Throwback Thursday 022516

Yes, I know. I’m veryverybad.


== 2011 ==
Haphazardly Yours

Basic general update (yes, I mean BASIC)

== 2009 ==
Sick Sick Sick


== 2008 ==
Shopping Frustrations

Obviously I needed to learn more about shopping. HAH!

Contact Info Update

Seriously. Have you EVER not known how to get in touch with me??!!??

== 2006 ==
I have a new cellphone (oooooooh shiiiiiiiny)

HolyWow apparently KathyHow REALLY GOT ME in The Love Boat (Yes, I re-read it. New favoritest quote on the whole planet:

If it weren’t for optimism, we’d (both) be goners

Okay, maybe not the WHOLE planet…but it’s an old post full of Good Stuff ™

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