Somethin’ tells me I’m into…somethin’

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It’s quiet in here. Quiet except for the tap tap tapping of my keyboard, which echoes through the vaulted ceilings, bounces around the trophy cases and off the books before going where all good taps go to rest. A croupy cough and sniff joins the tapping, poor soul. The temptation to scoot over there and slip into nagging-mom mode rises higher with each sound. She came to school to get an education – the first lesson is to take care of yourself.

It’s quiet in here. The kids are in bed, finally. Their backpacks stand at attention by the front door, waiting for the grab-and-dash of morning. There are flat-packed boxes are on the floor, waiting for me to unpack them and turn them into a 3-d sculpture, a functional piece of furniture. They’ve been standing sentry since before Christmas.

It’s quiet in here, except for the swishswish of the dishwasher, the thrumming hum of the dryer, the staccato thud of the washing machine.

It’s home.

Look around you and write about what you see. Create something positive out of that. Is there anything you can take away from the space you’re in every day that can bring you to a better emotional place within it?

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  1. Man, my high school English teachers always told me “Show, not tell! Show, not tell!” I used to excuse myself by saying that I didn’t know what they were really talking about, but your post does it well. It looks so hard to do, though, like I’d have to stop breathing in order to fully concentrate on all the details around me. Anyway, great post, humbling to read. 🙂
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..In My Bedroom =-.

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