Performancing Frustrations. asked their readers to comment and potentially get interviewed.

Okay, so I read Performancing and wanted to see what they’d come up with. I’ve been blogging since 2004, that must count for *something*, right?

Their comments are registration-locked. Fine, whatever. I’ve filled out hundreds of other forms like this, it’s no big deal. Only THIS time, I didn’t get the password email when I completed registration. OR when I clicked the “send new password” button. Go check my spambox, which is chock FULL of adverts for p3n1s expansion, but no registration info. Grr. Go BACK to and search the page for their contact button.

>insert kid interruption here< Get the kids settled and fill out the contact form, letting them know that I didn't receive the email. The reply?

Unfortunately, the passwords are often sent to the “junk” or “spam” filters of your email program. Have you check there?

If not, you’ll need to either request a new password or re-register with an email address that is less prone to think that legitimate email is spam.

Well, HELLO there bp spike. There’s nothing quite like being condescended to, is there? I never would’ve thought to check the spambox before emailing the website.

So, I replied to the email, yes dear gawd YES I checked the spambox. I even logged into the webmail server and checked THEIR spambox. No reply as of yet.

Somehow, I don’t think they want to play with me (and I’m perfectly fine with that). However, should YOU get suckered into registering for their site, be aware of my experience.

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