A Breastfeeding Advocacy poster Guys Can Appreciate


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Yes, I’m trotting my tits out again. Late to the party, but always willing to fly my “RIGHT ON SISTAH!” flag, I’m joining Strollerderby in appreciating Maggie Gyllenhaal nursing in public. I *live* for the day when it’s more normal for someone to see a pic like that, smile indulgently, and walk on by nonchalantly.


Since that rarely happens, and since I don’t have a nursling anymore, you get to see the same old photo, over and over. Yes, I do have other nursing pics. No, I’m not going to publish them yet (if at all).


Oh, and enjoy. *laughs*

6 thoughts on “A Breastfeeding Advocacy poster Guys Can Appreciate”

  1. Re: Breasts and babies. That’s what they’re for. Big deal. Good for Maggie. And a frown and an eyebrow raise to those who have a problem with it.

  2. 🙂 I totally agree. I commented on this on another blog, but I’ll say part of it again here. I have no idea who the actress is. Yes, I am that far out of the pop culture stream. I fail to see how this is news regardless of who was doing it and how much was being shown or not shown. Children need to nurse, even children of celebrities. The only reason for a photographer to “document” this without her consent is for lewd purposes. It is too bad that people will turn this into pornography. I like the idea of smiling and continuing on nonchalantly. That is my preferred response. Seems to me that we should be more interested in something that is actually unnatural, like eating at fast food places. It is unhealthy and unnatural, something nursing is neither of. 🙂 I still eat at them, but….

  3. Hey, i hadnt seen that pic. Thanks!

    the comments are..interesting. i love the idea of “just cover with a blanket, GEEZE.”

    ive only been breastfeeding (which i very nearly typed as ‘breadfeeding,’ which i think shows why i could never give up carbs) for 3 weeks, but..i gotta look at the kid when getting him latched on, and he’s kinda a shit about it sometimes, so we have to try multiple times just to get him to stay on. i CANT cover with a blanket, because i cant see what either one of us is doing.

    and, because we’re having to supplement too (not gaining enough), i cant even explain how difficult it is to syringe feed in public either.

    1. mmm caaaarbs.

      I tried covering with a blanket the first few times, then I just learned to arrange my clothes around. Nursing in a sling is awesome too (DO you have a sling? you should – they’re life- and back-savers)

      And be careful with the supplementation, Alia; nursing is very much a supply and demand-type thing. The more he nurses, the more milk your body will make. Breastfed babies don’t gain weight the same way formula-fed babies do (to the point that a completely separate height/weight chart exists for breastfed babies).

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