Why oh why did I choose the name Dottiness? you ask

I wanted to name this blog Tink’s Insanity, Sanitarium, or some other name indicating my usual state of mind, but it seems that *everyone* is insane or belongs in a crazy house. I went to Hyperdictionary and looked up sanitorium, but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I looked up insanity, and lo and behold! in the list of related terms (thesaurus) was dottiness.

I had an aunt named Dottie (she passed away a few years ago) and out of all the aunts on that side of the family, she was my favorite. So I click on it

to get the definition and it says absolutely nothing. FINE THEN! So I turned to my handy stand-by in emergencies like this: Dictionary.com and found this definition

a. Mentally unbalanced; crazy.
b. Amusingly eccentric or unconventional.
c. Ridiculous or absurd: a dotty scheme.
2. Having a feeble or unsteady gait; shaky.
3. Obsessively infatuated or enamored.

Amusingly eccentric or unconventional….*dingdingding* that’s me. And I thank my aunt’s spirit for leading me there :).