Don’t shake my Family Tree!

I was sitting here in my depressed state, and I had the following amazing realization:

My 3 children have 3 different fathers. Out of these 3 men, the one that I thought would be the absolute flakiest–the one who was ADAMANT about not having children–is the only one that maintains any kind of contact.

My oldest is the child of my first long-term relationship. Well, sort-of relationship anyway. We had broken up but kept talking, I dated his cousin for a while, and when cousin and I parted ways, I jumped the X’s bones. 3 months later, I found out that I *didn’t* have a bad stomach virus – it was morning sickness. He denied paternity, and stayed out of my life. Flash forward 5-6 years. Our mutual friend calls up, asks a few pointed questions (married? dating?) and then put him on the phone. I was in the midst of an agonizing unwanted divorce, but agreed to meet him so he could see my daughter. He tried to re-establish our relationship, but I completely fell apart and got lost in depression and MUD. By the time I lifted my head from the quagmires, he was gone–had changed his phone number and everything.