the Post Christmas Haze

T’was the day after Christmas
and all through the house
Teenagers were stirring
in search of a mouse.

We’ve entered Strange Territory at Casa MamasBloggin. The boys both asked for nothing but downloadable content.

No gifts to wrap.

No panicked promises to the Gods of Commercialism.

Just enter your cardnumber to complete your purchase.


No panicked dashing around town for the Latest Greatest Thing. No looking at the price tag and cringing. No wondering if I’m getting THE RIGHT THING. No getting upset when something breaks 10 minutes after opening lol.

It feels kinda lazy, being this NONSTRESSED.

Reblogging because it is STILL VALID

Our Lady of Perpetual Laundry – 2007

The laundry is my chore, I shall not want.

The children lie down in green pastures; they splash in muddy waters.

The wash restoreth my clothes: it leadeth me in the paths of cleanliness for all my time.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the depths of the closet, I will fear no stink: for my soap is with me; my washer and dryer, they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me for folding: thou annointest my head with sweat; my basket runneth over.

Surely dirty clothes and clean clothes shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the laundryroom for ever.

it doesn’t feel like THIRTEEN years

But my “years ago today” plugin tells me it really has been.

If you’re still reading, thank you so very much. We’ve been through some crazy stuff together. Also thanks to the above-mentioned plugin, I now know what a pain in the ass vague blogging is. I read some of these older entries and I wonder what in the world I was talking about..

The Story Thus Far

Our heroine has finally bitten the bullet and agreed to publish a blog in order to help sort through the many muddled thoughts in her head. At the tender age of 33, and as a single mother of 3, she is about to embark on the journey we hope will all rescue her from the doldrums of depression. Why? Well, something from a favorite TV show keeps running on an endless loop in her head – “The power of 3 will set us free”.

*It wasn’t depression as much as it was PPD, and pulling myself out of it was a genuine bitch. (Yes, I needed medication. I was too paranoid to find a doctor, much less admit that I had bigger problems than I could fix.)


I’ve just spent the better part of 2 months flipping between my tablet and my phone for internet use.

(Why? Turns out laptop screens aren’t immune to frustrationnnnnnTEENPUNCH)

I have a bluetooth keyboard with three channels, so technically I *could* connect to one more device, but I’m over it. The Internet is just not ready for full-time [NOTcomputer] use.

My bank has a full site, mobile site, and an app. The app is relatively intuitive and easy to use…. BUT it has the same issue the mobile site has. I actually vastly prefer using the mobile site, it’s easier for me to focus on the actual banking without worrying about SQUIRREL!.

So what’s the big issue? I’m signed up for “e-bill” through my bank’s website. On the full site, the dollar amount prepopulates for me. It doesn’t do that on the mobile site or the app.

And those are some of the *smaller* bitches I have about The Mobile Web. Some of the sites I want to visit (Lane Bryant!!!!) do not automagically redirect you to their mobile site, or display all the products in a category. Facebook displays different things on the tablet and the phone even if I’ve got one next to the other, open at the same time. Not *horribly* different, but enough that I have serious FOMT (fear of missing THINGS).

Moving on (before I completely lose what’s left of my cool) – tonight I’m putting a hard drive in the Dell Mini10 Netbook. 

(replacing the hard drive is less expensive than a whole new computer). 

Hopefully it will be “enough”.
PS – #sorrynotsorry about all the parentheses.

PSS – really sorry about the disjointedness. Can’t make the entry screen take up the full page in the app.

PSSS – previous entry is dated Aug 24. That’s obviously not the date the damage happened. I’ve just had ENOUGH. 

We interrupt your regularly scheduled silence

Dear Internet: 

As you’re very excruciatingly well aware, I’m the proud parent of two [ALPHABET SOUP] kids.

One of these kids is having a really rough time right now.

When the boys were much younger one of them had problems controlling his temper and was responsible for more than one broken laptop screen.

Now that they’re older, the OTHER is responsible for more than one broken laptop screen.

My internet access now comes through the tablet (that I almost didn’t take when the dude at the phone store said “It’s part of the deal, it’s FREE!!!”) and through my phone.

I’ve invested in a bluetooth keyboard to make writing physically less challenging (but that’s not addressing the lack of verbiage here).
I love you all <3 

Uses Time Wisely

[N] Needs Improvement.

I’ve read books. I’ve downloaded apps. I’ve manually written reminders both in lipstick and dry-erase.

Still let months go by without writing anything here. My apologies.

We didn’t do any travelling in May but had friends over for a weekend of fun and annoyances lol.

I was PLANNING on having a weekend getaway with the boys this month BUT my phone bricked. And I had a tooth to abcess, resulting in an entire weekend spent mostly asleep on pain meds. (gooood tiiiiimes) (Does it count as “vacation” if you don’t actually go anywhere and are in too much pain to move much? because that happened and NO I don’t count it NOR am I happy about it.)

And now I’m hungry and not all that much in the mood to cook.

The Bleaching of The Bathroom

I honestly thought I’d be able to put The Bleaching of The Bathroom behind me once I’d moved.

Y’see, in the “old” house, the bathroom was luxuriously huge.

No, bigger than that.


No, I don’t remember the room dimensions. At *least* 8 x 8 for the room itself PLUS a utility closet.

Big enough that the fan that came standard in 1995 doublewides was woefully inadequate at pulling all the damp out of the room, creating the PERFECT environment for scienc-y projects like “how long can I let this mildew grow before I start gagging every time I look at it”.

I kid, I kid. It was longer than that.

I finally realized that the sweet spot was right in line with “seasonal” cleaning – twice a year.

I also realized that scrubbing the walls of a room that big was a request to spend the following day in bed with ice packs on the never-fading back spasm.

Who puts textured wallpaper crap in a BATHROOM??!!??

After spinning my wheels one fine day trying to figure out how many walls I could scrub before pissing my back off, logic hauled off and backhanded me a good one.

I didn’t HAVE to scrub.

I could put a strong bleach solution in a pump sprayer (garden sprayer for some of y’all) and kill it all at once.


So my current bathroom is a wee speck when compared to the doublewide. I haven’t measured (because honestly, comparing them would probably but I’m pretty certain that my current bathroom is even smaller than my closet was in the doublewide.

The New House is of the finest 1970s construction. It’s got REALLY good bones, I don’t foresee having to do anything other than paint [touch wood] and general maintenance.


Because the new house is of the finest 1970s construction, it has exactly ZERO exhaust fans in the bathroom. There is an HVAC vent, and there is a window.

Because I tend toward depression, I don’t always want bright lights. I’d rather open the blinds and feel the sun on my skin. This is IMPORTANT because y’all need to know that for the better part of 18 months, the only other light source in my bathroom was

a single lonely 40w (I think? ain’t gettin’ up there to look) bulb

which leads us to where we are today:

with [more than I thought I had] mildewy things growing on the walls.

(I finally broke down and put two more bulbs in the fixture.)

Additionally relevant: I don’t always wear my glasses in the bathroom. I didn’t paint when I moved in, so the bathroom is bluuuuuuuue. I’ve never had a blue bathroom before and I LOVE it. Except the blue makes it really easy to pretend that’s not the Creature from The Black Lagoon growing over the spiderwebs.


Therefore: today between appointments, I shall endeavor to throw open the windows and completely saturate the room ceiling-to-floor with the better part of a gallon of bleach.

Hopefully it works.

So the throwback idea wasn’t so hot

Or not as originally conceived, anyway. I had planned to use the Throwback posts to call attention to older writings and maybe give me an opportunity to fill in details that I was too paranoid/depressed/mental to include. Or maybe to actually springboard from that idea to write.

Problem 1 – I bogged myself down in rules, only allowing myself to springboard off posts that were published “on that date”.

Problem 2 – I hit a depressed day or two here and there, which snowballed. Not the actual depression part, but the catching up.

The catching up is a genuine bitch.

Problem 3 – semantics. The plugin I found doesn’t actually generate a post from the data retrieved. It does send an email, but I still have to read the post, try and figure out WTF I was talking about if it’s obscured enough, etc.

All of which is a pain in the ass when you add in the junk from Problems #1 and #2.

And when the bonus insanities of day-to-day life are added in?

All this to say:

I’m workin’ onnit.

I’m sorry.

Please don’t worry, and/or drop an email if you DO get worried.